HP Printer is enumerated as the perfect liability for your home as well as office printing tasks. It possesses easy to use features and the latest functionality. Moreover, the outstanding working of this printing brand will never shift your choice anyways.  But, sometimes, its users claim that they have been facing difficulties while using their HP Printer. If this happens with you, take help of the tech professionals at HP Printer Customer Help Number UK and resolve your problems in a go.

HP Printer issues can be in the form of error codes and messages. Error code 49 is one such problems that appears when your try to print a document from your system. Whenever there is some communication issue between the system and printer, it is likely that your screen appears with such error code. The invalid print command, registry errors and sometimes the damaged data transfer can be the make cause of such error code. Follow the method given in this blog to clear this type of problem:

  • As the first step, you need to regulate your Printing device. During this method, the system uses inbuilt features so that your system will be aware of the printer and can fulfill the printing needs. In this case, you need to turn the printer off and get it turn on again. Thereafter, try to print something, if it works then you will find the way that has caused the problem. In case, the step is of no use, follow the next one.
  • In the second step, you need to reinstall the printer on your system through the Device Manager to remove the device and then install it after some time.
  • There are chances that your printer has become damaged or you haven’t used it for a longer period, that make such issue appear. This is recommended to reinstall the printer driver for resolving the situation.
  • If the above steps are useless, you should go for repairing the registry of your system. It might be possible that the registry has been saved incorrectly that in return causing the settings and other files to get damaged. The registry is a big database for your computer that keeps all the important files and settings inside and if it get failed to do so, the error code 49 is likely to generate. You must search for a registry cleaner in order to clear the error code.

When nothing helps, you are suggested to take assistance from the trained professionals at HP Printer Technical Support Number UK and resolve whatever issue you have been through. The technicians will put their every effort at your service.