This is undeniable that HP Printer is the fastest growing printer that is productive enough to stand in the printing world. The distinct features and amazing functionality is actually a key to success for HP Printer models. Despite this, they sometimes appear with certain technical errors which are not easy to resolve. Like there is no limit in its fantastic features, there are times when it starts to function abruptly. If you are not able to deal with them, contact the tech personalities at HP Printer Helpline In UK for the best assistance.

You have been confronted with some common issues. Let us go through some common problems in HP Printer and their quick fixation methods:

Paper Jam: The Most Recurring Situation

Paper Jam is the most occurring error for HP Printer users. The list of reasons include mistaken paper tray selected, inaccurate paper type selected, movable paper roller, ragged paper bits, and sometimes dust. In this situation, you must clear off the paper stuck inside the paper tray. When the roller is looking shiny, there is an urgent need to replace it.

While Printer Spooler is not working

There are many times when your Printer Spooler has stopped to work. If you are searching for the right way to fix such error, you must input services.msc in the run dialog box and tap on the Enter key. You will see that a service window will open. There, you must look for the printer spooler that is present in the right hand side and just choose restart by right clicking on it. After that you must try to restart your system and try to print something.

Toner: Being Dirty or not fixing up with the Paper

At this time, you must analyze the fuser unit and replace it if it is about to end. When you can’t replace it on your own, just refer to the installation manual of your HP printer as soon as possible. In case, the fuser is showing a clean Fuser input message, it is essential to clean the Fuser on immediate basis.

Error Message 69.X: Hard to Remove

If you want to resolve this error message right after it appears at your screen, just switch off your printer and wait for few seconds and then switch it back on. It will reset the configurations and you can enjoy printing then. If the error still appears, take help of the proficient technicians available at HP Printer Support UK for instant help.

Error Message 50.4: Can’t resolve on your own

This error code appears whenever there is some complication with the power supply. When the power cord of your HP printer got plugged into the UPS or a power strip, such time of error generates. For fixing this error message, you have to plug the printer into the power outlet directly.

Issues while Connecting Printer to Wi-Fi Connectivity:

This is obvious that Wireless printers are very simple to handle when compared with the wired one. If you are having issues while connecting your printer to Wi-Fi Connectivity, you must proceed towards the Device Utility and there double click on the HP Setup Assistance immediately.